Your Need Plays Important Role In Vending Home Loan

Your need creates gap between luxury and satisfaction. In order to have healthy and wealthy lifestyle you must have your dream home, and such dream home can’t be bought through your saving entirely. You need Home Loan which could be your biggest liabilities but, consider your requirement and balance it with your payback tenure. Such investment through third party also offers you some benefits which can be as Sense of accomplishment, Capital Appreciation, Low interest rate, Tax Benefit- Interest paid/ Principal Repayment, and buying vs. renting inflation. It could be your biggest investment that you ever make in your lifetime, that’s not because of the sentimental value but the sum that most of us sink into our home does make it the largest component of our investment diary. With Loan shop India you just get more than a home loan along with free property advice and market research that will invoke highest capital appreciation, low interest rate, more tax benefit on interest paid and principal repayment, and hence it better clarifies the gap between buying and renting. Now, you will have your own kingdom that does always be yours. Thus, dream for home! Check in for home loan here at Noida office.



Are your eligible for the Home Loan that you want to apply?

Loanshop India understands the cherished ambition for the most people, which is just a dream to become an owner of their own home. The need of home is the matter of pride for those youngsters who are struggling/trying to buy their first home of their dream, whereas the need of larger or better house is the matter of up gradation for middle-aged people. However, a plenty of housing schemes along with easy home loans help to turn you dream into reality. Loanshop India is the tool which will help you to sponsor dream of owning a home by giving access to the required funds as quickly as you want.

As per Loanshop India’s disclosure, getting a Home Loan is as easier as withdrawing your own money from saving banks. But, all you need is to fulfill your eligibility as a salaried individuals, self-employed professionals or businessmen.

  Salaried Individuals Self-employed Professionals Self-employed Individuals / Businessmen
Key Requirement Permanent service in government organizations or reputed companies Professional qualification and practice (for example: doctors, engineers, architects, chartered accountants) Any individual filing income tax returns
Age Above 24 years at the time of commencement of the loan, up to 60 years at the time of maturity of the loan


There are the general criteria for obtaining a home loan besides of whether you are salaried or self-employed, include healthy source of income and sound credit profile. Your income reflects your ability to repay the loan and your sound credit profile shows your willingness & attitude to repay loans punctually.